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Awesome XBLOCKR videos…coming soon! Watch this space 🙂


XBLOCKR vs iPhone

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Q. Why can’t I use XBLOCKR on my iPhone?

Q. I have friends who are using XBLOCKR. Why can’t I? I use an iPhone.

Q. When are you coming up with XBLOCKR for iPhone?

These, and similar questions have been coming to us ever since XBLOCKR hit the scene. With thousands of downloads and hundreds of fans, it is natural that there be a significant number of iPhone users who wonder why this app is not available to them! After all, it’s the iPhone users who are most used to downloading apps at the blink of an eye!

Simply put, it’s like this, when Apple introduced its software developer’s kit (SDK), in 2008, it set a policy that developers cannot create applications that run in the background! With that one sweeping point they have dashed the hopes of eager developers and have denied themselves millions of amazing applications.

What are “background apps”?
A background app is “always running” but is not necessarily one that you are interacting with.  For example- when you are using your computer and working with a program, there will be many applications such as anti virus etc which will be running in the background. They are the ones who make your computing experience richer!

Most new and innovative mobile applications would rest on some aspect of background processing.

But at Apple, it is not part of the SDK and the reason given for this hurdle is that background apps can impair the iPhone user experience.  :-O Now that is something open for debate. Surely having an app like XBLOCKR only enhances user experience!!

Another pitfall is that, on the iPhone, there is no provision to have an application that overrides the functionality of the inbuilt Apple call management app.


One of the main reasons we love XBLOCKR is because of its response on the fly. No sooner does your phone ring that XBLOCKR is activated.  XBLOCKR is a background app and gets into action each time you receive a call.  Both these points – background application and overriding the call system work against getting XBLOCKR on to that iPhone.

We like to think there is hope though! With so much uproar over these restrictions, it is a matter of time before Apple realizes that they should open out their gates.

Up till then, continue to use XBLOCKR on any one of the 163 phones it supports and watch your iPhone bearing friends salivate! 🙂

XBLOCKR fans on Facebook- Thank Y’all

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Yoohoo! We crossed 200 fans on our Facebook page! Thank you all! 🙂

When you want to duck the “DUCK”:)

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Now here’s something strange! Some people don’t seem to want the adorable xblockr duck to appear when they receive an incoming call. Nor those smart looking buttons ! Poor duck! ( I know this will be understood only by all you fans out there who have actually started using the shall remain a mystery! Of course you can go and download your copy now!)

Back to the duck. And he is adorable you must agree! 🙂

So fine, if you are not an animal lover or a duck lover, that doesn’t mean you cant use xblockr!

1. Just pre-add the numbers you want to duck, drop or divert to the respective lists inside xblockr.

2. Then head to the Settings menu inside XBLOCKR and choose “Hide” instead of “Show”

That’s it! The app will silently continue its good work in the background, without quacking in your face! 🙂

Downloads on Airtel App Central go up to 1195!

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Hello All!

I am so excited about this! It’s not even two weeks since we went on to the app stores and the figures are astounding! Thank y’all!

For one they highlight the crying need for an effective call management system and for another the numbers show how well XBLOCKR is being received!

To get an idea of the numbers – here goes-

  • 2000+ downloads in 8 days on Microsoft Marketplace
  • 3000+ downloads in 8 days on Nokia OVI
  • 2249 downloads on Freewarepocketpc in less than 10 days
  • If you are an Airtel user, log into the Airtel App Store and get your copy right away!

OVI Update –

XBLOCKR S60 3rd Edition and 5th Edition now available at the OVI store! So all you people with the Nokia N series, E series and Touch screen phones, grab your XBLOCKR Lite from here

Remember you can find the entire  list of compatible handsets here

And as always, keep visiting, keep commenting and take care!

Duck Drop & Divert- The New Language of Privacy

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Welcome to the XBLOCKR blog!

You are probably here because you checked us out or have downloaded a trial version.  Whatever be your reason, welcome!

And if you’ve already bought a copy of XBLOCKR, then congratulations!

XBLOCKR redefines tele-privacy and can revolutionize the way you work, respond and utilize your time. With its innovative options, you can Duck, Drop or Divert calls on the fly. Being compatible with the Symbian , Windows Mobile and Blackberry platforms, you can be assured of using it easily and effectively.

Remember the time, you wanted that Sunday to yourself? With no one disturbing your evening for a change? Or how many of us have had an “unavoidable” call interrupt a well deserved holiday! XBLOCKR addresses this precise need and gives you an array of tools to manage your privacy without compromising on your productivity, responsibility or reputation.

Check out its super cool features in this presentation video –


You can download XBLOCKR from OVI (Lite version for Symbian phones) , Airtel App Central (Symbian, Win Mobile, Blackberry phones), Freewarepocketpc ( Freeware version for Win Mobile phones), Windows MarketPlace (Lite version for Win Mobile phones), Youpark (Symbian phones) or from here – XBLOCKR (Symbian, Win Mobile, Blackberry phones)

Buy XBLOCKR here-

Download, use and keep looking out for exciting updates and additions here.  Till the next time, I look forward to your comments about this neat little app! 🙂

Hello world!

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XBLOCKR now on WordPress! 🙂